pentru vremuri noi

pentru vremuri noi

pentru vremuri noi 2048 1365 gabi

We fell asleep in one world and woke up in another.

Suddenly Disney is out of magic, Paris is no longer romantic, New York is no longer standing, and the Chinese wall is no longer a fortress. Hugs and kisses suddenly become weapons and not visiting parents and friends becomes an act of love. Suddenly you realize that power, beauty and money are worthless at getting you the oxygen you were fighting for.

The world continues its life and it is beautiful; it only puts humans in cages.

I think she’s sending us a message: “You are not necessary. The air, earth and sky without you are fine. And even better. When you come back remember that you are my guests…..Not my masters”.


A message from Mother Earth – from a friend of a friend of a friend :)).