Intensive Ayahuasca Program for Leaders and Pioneering Practioners in Health-Related Services

Intensive Ayahuasca Program for Leaders and Pioneering Practioners in Health-Related Services

Intensive Ayahuasca Program for Leaders and Pioneering Practioners in Health-Related Services 150 150 gabi

This will be a truly groundbreaking program of deep healing, individual transformation and personal mastery. This very special retreat will be a powerful synthesis of ancient Amazon healing traditions with pioneering ontological inquiry, deep processing, and alignment work. For the first time ever, Dr. Gabor Maté will be coming to work with ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon, collaborating with Richard Condon, two masters in their respective fields, together with a team of six master Shipibo healers and Matthew Watherston, the Founder of the Temple of the Way of Light.

This unique program has been designed for people who have a widespread impact already in the world. This by-application only retreat will be carefully curated and is designed for highly successful practitioners and leaders working specifically in the fields of healthcare and individual and social transformation. The intention of this retreat is to support participants to significantly elevate their lives, their patients and clients, and the world around them.

This event is designed for pracitioners and leaders in:

  • Medical care
  • Psychology, psychiatry, and neuroscience
  • Personal mastery, leadership, and organizational development
  • Health sector venture capital and finance
  • Health-focused media
  • Health and human services strategy, policy, and administration
  • Environmental, cultural, and social impact

The Program

Shipibo plant-spirit shamanism is an ancient and sophisticated healthcare system that reaches into the energetic, emotional, and psychological roots of trauma. The healers operate in ceremony as a medical team, each delivering on their particular skills and specialties, providing individualized attention throughout the retreat to participants specific to their needs.

There will be expertly guided throughout the retreat, with a daytime program of group processes led by Gabor and Richard, and 5 nighttime ceremonies, combined with daily healing activities led by a team of 3 female and 3 male Shipibo healers.

The day-time workshops will build on and compliment the profound healing experiences in ceremony. Through Compassionate Inquiry, Gabor will be supporting participants to clear their past, and through Alignment Work, Richard will help create the future by learning how the life can be informed and inspired by the “Calling.” This work offers the possibility of bringing unexpected opportunities and powerful ways of being into existence in life, in relationships and in work in the world. These unique practices offer the possibility for radical transformation and will support participants to live an authentic, aligned, and extraordinary life.

This is rigorous work delivered by true experts in healing and transformation.

There will be approximately 80-90 day-time hours of structured interactive content, with periodic breaks to allow for individual processing and group meals (and a little bit of sleep!). The work in ceremony and workshop discussions with Dr. Maté and Richard Condon are intentionally designed to deeply challenge participants already operating at a high level.

This program is not for beginners nor for the faint of heart.

The Healers (Shipibo Onanya)

All ceremonies and daytime healing activities will be led by Maestra Laura, Maestra Lila, Maestra Rojelia, Maestro Jose, Maestro Urias and Maestro Damian. This team are some of the most respected, kind-hearted and powerful healers (Onanya) from the Shipibo tribe, who are experts in ayahuasca healing and plant-spirit shamanism of the Amazon.

The Onanya bring a rich cultural and medicinal legacy, time-honored rituals, intricate practices, an expansive cosmology, an encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants of the Amazon and a far-reaching ancestral lineage to the healing process.

In the Shipibo tradition, the healing process is focused on cleansing and purifying the energy field that surrounds us – or niwe in their language – which can pick up toxic energies from the environment and the traumatic issues of our past. The Shipibo healers’ encyclopedic knowledge of medicinal plants (rao) of the Amazon Rainforest allows them to heal a huge range of psycho-spiritual, emotional and sometimes physical conditions. They do this through ancient healing practices involving incredibly beautiful ikaros (songs of the plants), intense perfumes, individually prescribed plant remedies and powerful energetic work.

A New Paradigm in Healing, Integration, and Transformation

After 12 years of working with nearly 7,000 thousand people who have come to the Temple seeking ayahuasca for healing, direction, personal growth, and spiritual development, we’ve seen an incredible number of positive results. And yet, we recognize that for there to be long-term and tangible impact in your everyday life we need to fully understand how to integrate our experiences with ayahuasca. We see the profound potential that a transformed and awakened individual has to impact their families, communities, and beyond. And so, we are committed to constantly developing and bringing together the very best tools and practices to support you not only during retreats, but once you go home.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – J Krishnamurti

We define ayahuasca integration as a plant-assisted process of self-mastery. Throughout this workshop, we will be sharing the most powerful tools we know to help you with the integration process. These tools include both past-based and future-oriented inquiry in order to prepare you to freely – as in unlimited and unrestricted by the past – create a life that is deeply fulfilling, fully expressed and profoundly meaningful.

We have also observed that no matter much how much trauma resolution and energetic healing work we do, if we don’t transform our views of ourselves and the world around us — or in other words, if we continue to live with views and behaviours that are not aligned with our soul’s calling – our symptoms come back. Our lives are for the most part unconsciously driven by views we hold about ourselves that are a consequence of difficult and traumatic experiences predominantly from our childhoods. Our current environment, including our relationships, jobs, living situations – everything ­– consistently reflect those views.

The work of integration is fundamentally about bringing a profound level of integrity into our lives, understanding the importance of honouring the sacredness of our word, and redesigning our lives by transforming our views about ourselves, people and the world around us.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Max Planck


Dr. Gabor Maté

Gabor is a world-renowned physician, speaker, author, public figure, and leading expert in the field of addiction. His focus has been on the impact of early childhood and developmental trauma on later life health and well-being. He speaks often at psychedelic conferences and events, and is a powerful advocate for the healing potential of these medicines.

“Trauma is not about what happened to you; it’s about what happened inside of you as a result of what happened to you.”

Gabor has been refining his method of Compassionate Inquiry for decades. Over many years, he has also developed a way of bringing group processing to ayahuasca retreat settings. This inquiry-based approach draws on work from attachment theory, developmental neurobiology, somatic-based trauma therapies, non-dual spiritual teachings, and his own clinical observations and expertise.

It is particularly well-suited to helping the Western mind integrate the visionary experience by cutting through story, identifying how unconscious conditioning is impacting our experience of the world and ourselves, and tuning in curiously to what the medicine is trying to show us— which will necessarily be beyond the scope of our rational comprehension. He has a famously laser-like ability to get to the heart of an issue, and to compassionately guide people to new and deeper kinds of understanding.

“The Buddha rightly taught that with our minds we create the world. What he did not say, and what is equally true, is that before we create the world with our minds, the world we are born into creates our minds.”

Much of Gabor’s inquiry work is childhood-focused, informed by both the latest science and his original insights on how early environments shape the developing minds, brains, and personalities of human beings. His leading-edge work and unique approach is focused on clearing the past and getting freed up from what happened— which often leads to the next obvious question: now what?


Richard Condon

Richard Condon is a master of ontological inquiry, who after four decades of pioneering transformational work has developed a new access to living a powerful and fulfilling life – what he calls “living an aligned life.”

Fundamentally, at the core, this revolutionary process creates a context from which to live your life, recognizing that many of us feel instinctively that there is an underlying intention to why we are living. His work makes room for heart and soul, and is the best we’ve ever seen at the future piece of the puzzle.

At its simplest, it is discovering and creating the Fundamental Intention for our life, and then exploring what it takes to live truthfully and powerfully from the declared North Star of our lives. The fundamental principles that he works from are that we can invent, design and fulfill our own authentic and heart-based lives and subsequently then act, in thought speech and action, consistently and coherently with what our lives are about.

Richard’s work uses an ontological inquiry-based method which leads you to your Original Intent or Calling. In concert with Gabor’s work, his methodology is focused on empowering you to discover what is it in your life that is moving, meaningful, and inspiring. Calling work offers a powerful practice and set of tools whilst working with ayahuasca and fundamentally, in supporting integration of ayahuasca healing in your life. By connecting to your experience on retreat and committing to the Calling / Alignment practices, you can design your life to be of service to yourself and others.


Matthew Watherston

Following his first visit to the Amazon and a life-changing shift in his perspectives after experiencing ayahuasca for the first time, Matthew founded the Temple in January 2007. Since then, he has worked passionately to manifest his vision to build a pioneering Amazonian healing center focused on responsibly faciltating indigenous healing for western guests and working in reciprocity with the people of the Amazon and their environment. Over the last 12 years, together with an incredible team, he has developed the Temple to become a flagship model of a plant-medicine based, conscious healthcare business with a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility in the Amazon and beyond.

Since 2007, Matthew has immersed himself in Traditional Amazonian Medicine and recognizes its significant potential as a healthcare system that can successfully address many modern issues. He has undergone a deep personal healing journey since arriving in the Amazon, has apprenticed with three traditional healers and is dedicated to ensuring that the ancient medical traditions of the Amazon are honored and respected.

He believes passionately in giving back to the people and the land and has founded two Peruvian non-profit organizations – Alianza Arkana (January 2011) and The Chaikuni Institute (January 2013) – implementing outreach programs in environmental justice, human rights, permaculture/regenerative development and intercultural education. His lifetime goal is for the Temple to become a university hospital taking part in the creation of a new paradigm in healing and consciousness.



Mandru ca voi participa :)!!

18 – 29 iunie 2019

Temple of the Way of Light, Amazon, Peru